Chingrir Bora


  1. Prawns (250 grams)
  2. red lentil paste (100 grams)(previously soaked in water for 2 hrs) 
  3. onions chopped (2 medium sized)
  4. green chillies chopped (as per taste)
  5. salt
  6. oil to fry the boras 


Mix all the ingredients together. The lentil paste should not be very watery. If it is very watery you won't be able to fry the boras. Heat oil to deep fry the boras in a kadhai. After the mixture is ready, if you are using small Prawns, pick up small amounts of the mixture with a spoon and pour them into the hot oil to fry the boras. Otherwise if you are using big Prawns pick up the mixed Prawns one after another and fry them.


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