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12 Best Things to Do on a Road Trip to Santiniketan

Are you planning to visit Santiniketan? Do you want to avail train or service from Kolkata? Why don't you take control of the wheel and explore the darling of Rabindranath's heart at your own pace? A road trip to Santiniketan will give a perfect opportunity to experience new things and make memories along the way. Let's explore 12 best things to do on a road trip to Santiniketan. 1) Explore khoai on foot Don't you want to explore the place which inspired Rabindranath Tagore to write the beautiful poem "Gram chara oi ranga matir poth" (red path beyond my village)? You cannot say your Santiniketan visit is complete without visiting Khoai region. This place is characterized by a patch of dry forest formed by Sonajhuri trees on a landscape of laterite soil rich in iron oxide, often in the shape of canyon. A morning/ evening stroll in this region will definitely give you a new lease of life. Sipping a glass full of ' khejur ros ' (date juice) in