7 Essential Things To Know Before You Visit Hyderabad

Hyderabad is a city that is steeped in a rich history and strong culture and definitely worth a trip to. Though the ‘City of Nizams’ has turned into a fast growing cosmopolitan centre, it still exudes old-world charm. Old bazaars and palaces coexist with new malls and office buildings in perfect harmony. Undoubtedly, the glimpse of a grand past with promise of a successful future makes the 'City of Pearls' worth visiting. Moreover, delicious Hyderabadi Biriyani is always there to spice up your trip.

But, before embarking on a journey to the city, please have a look at these 7 essential things you should know beforehand.

1) Prepaid Auto counter at Secunderabad railway station

Prepaid Auto stand is available just outside the Secunderabad railway station. So, if you are arriving the city by train, you can avail this nice facility built to avoid auto drivers from charging unreasonable fares from passengers in general and outsiders in particular. They have a fixed rate chart for local destination. You will be provided with 2 journey slips on giving a token amount (Rs 5/-) at the booth. Hand over one slip to the next available auto driver and board the vehicle. You have to clear your bill and hand over the second slip on reaching your destination. It does provide a welcome relief from raging auto menace. Isn't it?

What is more, you can also use the fare chart as a reference point to burgain with auto drivers if you have to hire an auto later as part of your trip.

2) Chaotic traffic

The traffic in Hyderabad is a nightmare. Most drivers, especially auto drivers, show little to no respect for traffic rules. Add to that narrow roads, and you have a recipe for traffic jam. Believe it or not, sometimes the vehicles are driven so close that you can literally shake hands with passenger of the other vehicle. Your nightmare does not end here! Numerous speed breakers deployed (every 100m in some areas) to control speeding vehicles in general, and bikes in particular, will make your ride bit uncomfortable. However, don't get dissuaded by reading this point; it is not at all advisable to take a trip to the City of Nawabs on foot leaving behind the comforts and shade of a transport.

3) Legendary Hyderabadi Biryani & Double ka Meetha

Savouring legendary Hyderabadi Biryani is part and parcel of a trip to the 'world capital of biriyani'. Foodies around the world visit this city just to indulge in eating authentic Biryani. And this should be the perfect excuse even if you are on a diet. Savoured with handpicked spices and cooked to perfection, the Hyderabadi Biryani is second to the none. You can spot at least five shops that serve Biryani in every locality. So, if you are here, do not miss relishing the food of Hyderabad. You must also try another local mouth watering dish - 'double ka meetha'. Trust me, you will thank me later for suggesting this royal Indian dessert dish.

4) Ladies cannot enter Mecca Masjid without 'dupatta'

The Mecca Masjid, one of the famous tourist attraction, has strict dress code especially for ladies and visitors 'must' follow it as a sign of respect to the God. Modest dress is the rule of thumb. And you are required to cover your heads. While men can enter the premise wearing jeans and t-shirt, women cannot! So, ladies, do remember, if you want to visit the masjid, wear traditional Indian dress and carry dupatta or a shawl.

5) Prepare to climb up narrow spiral staircase in dark at Charminar

Hyderabad visit is incomplete without visiting its global icon - Charminar. But you may get disappointed after visiting this world famous attraction! Traffic chaos around this historic monument is something yet to be taken care of by the local authorities. Graffiti on the wall speaks volume of poor maintenance of this signature monument. In addition to that climbing up (and later down) 149 narrow, winding and uneven steps to the upper floor without hand rail and proper light is something you should prepare to embrace for before visiting this iconic structure.

6) Your stamina will be tested at Golkonda fort

Do you have a longing for visiting Golkonda fort? If yes, please keep in mind that good physical stamina and energy is required to reach the summit (400ft high). It is advisable to carry snacks and a bottle of water with you. It will help you re-energizing yourself as and when required.

7) Attraction opening/ closing time

Most probably, you know that a full day is required to visit Ramoji Film City. But, do you know that crowd throng Charminar and Mecca Masjid on Friday to offer prayer? Are you aware of light and sound show time of the Golkonda fort or laser show time of Lumbini Park? If not, please take a note of attraction opening/ closing time before start exploring the city.


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  2. I like your post. I willbe going to Hyderabad in January 2018. This post will help me in planning my vacation. I like to know how you travel from one place to other?

  3. Thanks Ashvin for reading my blog. I am glad to know that it will help you planning your upcoming trip to Hyderabad. I visited the city during Christmas period. As a result, cabs were very few. Even, hotel could not manage to get hold of one. So, I hired auto-rickshaw from outside the hotel. However, I had to drive a hard bargain! :) So, if you have to resort to Auto, please do bargain hard and fix the price at the start. Wish you a very happy trip ahead.


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